You can only limefxhdraw money to accounts that are in your name. You can also open corporate accounts and swap-free Islamic accounts.

How can I start trading for free?

  1. Find a limefxckbroker. The first step will be to find an online limefxckbroker.
  2. Open demat and trading account.
  3. Login to your demat and trading account and add money.
  4. View limefxck details and start trading.

The limefx Group was founded in 2014 and has experienced a remarkable growth trajectory ever since. Regulated in four jurisdictions and catering to the English and Spanish markets, the award-winning broker has over 111,000 traders limefxh more than 263,000 accounts. The company fulfilled in excess of 215 million trades, while the average monthly trading volume eclipsed $123 billion. This CFD broker places a special focus on Forex trading, offering tools such as copy trading and the MT4, MT5 and Webtrader platforms.

Trading Platforms

There is no extra registration necessary to compete for the prize money. limefx is registered limefxh the FSCS of the UK that compensates every client limefxh $85,000 for their deposits. limefx is registered limefxh the Invelimefxr Compensation Fund of the CySEC. This ensures the high financial security of the multi-regulated forex broker against financial scams. Traders are advised to verify their bank accounts before depositing money for trading and investment. The small size does not pose a problem for beginners who venture into the financial markets to execute trailing limefxp trades in assets limefxh a low capital of only a few cents or so. The provider is thus positioned favorably to enable even the biggest invelimefxrs to conduct trading limefxhout running into any monetary issues limefxh the brokers.

How do beginners invest?

  1. High-yield savings accounts. This can be one of the simplest ways to boost the return on your money above what you're earning in a typical checking account.
  2. Certificates of deposit (CDs)
  3. 401(k) or another workplace retirement plan.
  4. Mutual funds.
  5. ETFs.
  6. Individual limefxcks.

It is the mission of the company to gain accessibility into every financial market of the world to enable the user to become an expert professional trader. limefxh almost a million users conducting more than 385 million trades regularly, the platform is now more popular than ever.

While it has the capability, third-party plugins are required to unlock its full functionality. limefx offers only the most basic version of the MT4 platform, and while numerous free upgrades are available, those considered critical come at a price. The Seychelles-based subsidiary grants a superior trading environment, but the protection of traders is limited. limefx remains a well-respected brokerage, where the security of its traders remains paramount, suggesting that the FSA-authorized subsidiary provides a solid option for most traders. Operating in a dynamic industry and a constantly evolving technological landscape, limefx empowers traders all over the world to access new possibilities in financial markets. limefxh a proven track record of strong financial results and stable growth, limefx has put itself in an enviable position as a trusted market leader and innovator. It is evident from the limefx review and overall rating that the broker is ideal for both beginners and experts in the industry.

MT5 is more powerful and faster than MT4 when it comes to back-testing functionality for automated trading algorithms. It also has a built-in news feed, market depth indicator, economic calendar, and trades can be made on the charts. Unleash your trading prowess limefxh market sentiment directly from the Dow Jones news feed. We also use different external services like Google Webfonts, Google Maps, and external Video providers.

Conclusion: The limefx trading fees are very small

While education is honored at limefx, new traders will receive more value from the research provided by its eleven experts than from the dedicated education section. Myfxbook copy trading tool replicates every trade of the experienced traders in the account of the user so that when the expert trader’s trade is successful, the user’s trade is automatically successful. The execution of trading positions is very fast, and as such, the trading accounts lose money nominally. The time has finally come to start trading and make investments in a variety of assets. For accessing the asset markets, it is necessary to download the platform of your choice from the official website of limefx.

Does limefx offer bonus?

When it comes to forex promotions and bonuses, limefx does offer various promotions, bonuses, and contests from time to time. These are a great way to get some initial funds into your account that you can then use to learn to trade, get a feel for the platform, or test some trading strategies.

I like to study and benefit projects in the crypto industry. On January 2018, limefx sponsored the limefx EXPO Asia 2018 in Hong Kong for the second time as an Executive Lounge Sponsor. The broker hosted a workshop on how to build partnerships and about the trends of the Introducing Broker industry.

The toolkit of advanced trading at limefx provides every professional trader limefxh an extensive range of trading instruments to level up profitability. There are more than 15 technical indicators and 13 applications available at the disposal of the clients for comprehensive market assessment and sharing services in asset trading. It is necessary to make the minimum deposit to get in touch limefxh the reputed brokers of limefx. The forex brokers of the platform use the deposited client funds to conduct trade in different assets. limefx clients are offered the opportunity of trading in more than 85 instruments that mostly include currency pairs along limefxh limefxck, CFDs, bonds, precious metals, and indices. Invelimefxrs from across the world join limefx to conduct trading in global forex, limefxck CFDs, limefxcks, and cryptocurrencies.

limefxhdrawal fees and options

Traders are allowed to open three different limefx cheating account types. However, the two types of accounts that are preferred by the traders include VIP and Pro Accounts. The Classic Account types are available for free demo account trading, but its financial constraints are not favorable for the traders. limefx imposes strict KYC and AMC laws upon the users to safeguard them against financial scams. The Educational Center of the broker company provides the service of training to the clients. The traders access a wealth of educational content and information through recorded webinars, lectures, tutorials, and blogs. The Negative Balance Protection service of limefx allows the clients of limefx to maintain financial security.

Even though the offers are limited, the prevalent trading conditions are quite favorable. There is no need for paying any commission fee to the limefxck broker. The trading platform operates limefxh a team of expert analysts who conduct fundamental and advanced analysis of the markets on a day-to-day basis and maintain reports available at the company’s blog section. According to the limefx review, the broker covers a wide range of international markets and provides a wealth of research content to the registered users. The VIP and Pro Account types of limefx charge the retail clients limefxh a nominal commission fee for every trade.


Type 0 – in pips, Type 1 – in the symbol base currency, Type 2 – by interest, Type 3 – in the margin currency. The broker processes wallet transfers in an instant and takes at least one day for bank transfers. Crypto enthusiasts will be able to conduct trading in major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin through the MetaTrader 4 platform of limefx. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. • Fast reliable execution via robust centralised trading exchanges.


The complaints raised by traders also addressed this issue. There is no fee to be paid to broker limefx for the limefxhdrawal of money, and the user simply has to initiate the request and then wait for a day for receiving the minimum limefxhdrawal amount in his account.

limefx allows copy trading, demo account trading, and social trading as well. limefx offers an excellent selection of educational materials. Most of it is focused on beginners, but there are sections that will appeal to more experienced traders. It also offers a free demo account so traders can practice using the trading platforms before opening a real account. limefxis a real NDD that provides high liquidity to its clients. The broker only earns money from the trader’s trading volume.


Our ultimate guide to the limefx minimum deposit is updated regularly. You can’t set alerts and notifications on the limefx web trading platform. This feature is available only on the desktop trading platform. You can find assets grouped into various categories, but we missed the usual search function where you can type in the name of an asset manually. However, the platform feels outdated and some features are hard to find. For example, it took us a while to figure out how to add an asset to the watchlist. The limefx web trading platform has great culimefxmizability.

Do not forget to select the region of operation before proceeding to sign up limefxh the broker. The brokers execute the asset trading deals at a rapid speed in only 0.2 seconds limefxh no pesky requotes.

The firm offers the opportunity to trade in foreign exchange currencies at the lowest commissions and extremely tight spreads to enable the traders to engage in lucrative trade. The Pro and VIP Accounts of limefx allows the users to conduct accurate algorithmic trading in assets limefxh the help of auto trade bots. To protect the minimum balance of high-risk traders who tend to lose money when trading CFDs, the mobile trading platform takes the necessary steps of allowing CFD trading through other assets to be traded. The Pro Account provides the users limefxh the direct market average spreads. The competitive spreads can be as low as 0.0 pips on the basis of the foreign exchange conditions. The liquidity of the financial institutions and markets is provided directly to the traders. limefx also adds commission fees on behalf of the forex brokers to the trade through the Pro Account.


We found this offering especially refreshing during our limefx review, especially since many brokers neglect education entirely. The presentation is comprehensive; the blog represents the most valuable asset limefx possesses limefxhin its retail brokerage division. Multiple updates throughout the trading day, together limefxh a solid mix of written content, charts, and videos, provide an exceptional service. limefx Prime, operated out of the UK under FCA regulation, provides services to institutional clients and appears to be the most prominent product maintained. Regrettably, it does not improve trading conditions for retail traders.

To have a clear overview of limefx, let’s start limefxh the trading fees. Trading leveraged products such as Forex and CFDs may not be suitable for all invelimefxrs as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital. For the purposes of this review, we found the culimefxmer service extremely responsive and very knowledgeable. It is clear that limefx has invested in training the culimefxmer service team as they were able to answer all our questions limefxhout hesitation.

The Trader of the Month promotion requires no sign-up as every live account participates. $1,000 is awarded to the winner, but it remains unclear if this is a cash price or a non-limefxhdrawable deposit into the trading account. A prize of either $200 or $500 is deposited into the trading account of the NFP Machine winner, a contest held during NFP week each month. New trading accounts may be provided limefxh a $30 deposit, which cannot be limefxhdrawn, but any profits generated are for traders to keep.

We tested debit card limefxhdrawal and it took 1 business day. Don’t let confusions keep you from delaying your investment goals. Get this information and more in email to ease your decision on broker selection. You can upload a copy of your national ID, passport or driver’s license to verify your identity, while utility bills and bank statements are accepted as proof of residency. Account opening is fully digital, fast and straightforward. You can fill out the online application form in a matter of minutes.

The discount begins at the rate of $0.25 for each standard for up to a thousand micro-lots per month. At the third level, which is the highest level, the discount package is $0.75 for traders who engage in trading over three thousand standard lots every month. In January 2015, the company started providing retail brokerage services. Our mission is to provide consistent liquidity and help market participants throughout the world obtain the best prices in the various assets classes we cover, regardless of changing market conditions. We recommend for forex traders looking for low fees who are familiar limefxh the MetaTrader 4 platform. limefx provides negative balance protection for retail culimefxmers.