With projects that involve many moving parts, it’s important to define those dependencies early on in the roadmapping process. Involve your stakeholders early in the roadmap planning process, listen to their objections and concerns and be curious about their reasoning for why some things should be prioritized over others. Learn how to say no, but also take the time to listen and understand where your teammates are coming from when it comes to prioritizing their work.

The definition of an IT roadmap

Roadmaps should also include the parties responsible for completing each milestone and the estimate resources allocated to each milestone. Micro views all at once — so you can see the overall status of your technology infrastructure or the fine detail. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked question about roadmaps. Symbols – subtly convey extra details with shapes, arrows, and other custom elements. For example, you can use a diamond to indicate important milestones or an arrow/line/connector to highlight task dependencies.

Product FAQs:

Legends that are checked incomplete will generally be accessible to see on the guide. We can decide to remember the conditions and progress for the guide by choosing the suitable box in the view settings board. Utilizing channels you can decide to show issues and stories in explicit status classes or for explicit issue types. Not at all like the task plan, where subtleties typically win, the guide stays straightforward and focuses just on basics.

While the sequencing and progress may be incremental, the envisioning exercise needs to rethink and re-imagine the art of the possible. What are the competitors doing in terms of their technology investments? In addition to any specific competitive intelligence, you may also rely on analyst reports on top agenda items what is an IT roadmap on the CIOs docket and the budget allocation to various solution areas and technologies. A good roadmap should use color to tell a story and establish relationships between the items on your roadmap. You should use color palettes to establish a visual relationship between the different categories on the roadmap.

In today’s digital and cognitive world, it has become a strategic imperative to redefine what’s next and then organize to meet the needs of the target state with a sound IT operating model. The gap analysis needs to be on multiple dimensions – people, process, technology, data, and governance – to address the shortcomings holistically. All these external trends information is valuable in influencing and shaping the enterprise technology strategy. Start using beautiful, clear roadmaps to bring your strategies to life. Start aligning all your strategies across all departments and stakeholders using Roadmunk’s Master Roadmapping features. P2P Podcast An original product management podcast for / by product people.

The definition of an IT roadmap

Having a central overview everyone can reference makes it easier to alter or update the priority of tasks and milestones when changes to an initiative are required. At this point the technology drivers and their targets are specified and the technology alternatives that can satisfy those targets should be specified. For each of the alternatives a timeline should be estimated for how it will mature with respect to the technology driver targets.

How an IT Roadmap Differs from a Product Roadmap

Regardless of what type of roadmap you choose, remember that communication is what the listener does. Know who your audience is for your roadmap and make sure you choose a roadmap that aligns with their interests. For teams that want to get really granular with the administration of their IT system, the timeline view (Figure 2.) is recommended. The timeline view makes it easy to visualize the timing and resourcing for the technology resources in the pipeline. A project or program manager uses an IT Strategic Plan to implement an IT Strategy. They use an IT Roadmap to communicate with the steering committee and senior management.

The definition of an IT roadmap

At this point, all of your individual tasks should be added and your technology roadmap should be looking pretty sharp. But what if a member of your team prefers to visualize the data differently? With airfocus, stakeholders can switch their personal view anytime. You can even enable or disable views on a per-user basis for the ultimate control of your roadmap. It means the tasks that teams must achieve before the set timeline for product releases.

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The technology roadmap typically displays various projects that support technology stacks within your organization. This type of roadmap is typically very high level and is great for demonstrating how your products align with your overall technology portfolio. The work that IT does supports the teams that serve external customers. So the goals for your IT department should align with broader company goals as well. The work that you include on your technology roadmap should ultimately deliver value to the business.

  • The use of a roadmap is to help reach the product strategy to the teams.
  • Perhaps the most valuable benefit of a dedicated tool is that its clean, visual display will allow you to clearly document and share your strategic reasoning.
  • Below are two illustrative examples of what an IT Systems Roadmap should look like.
  • An IT Roadmap is a tool for setting, ensuring, and communicating the direction of an initiative.
  • Discuss with the development head the possible timeframe of completing the architecture of the product.
  • Product roadmap timeline is much more dynamic and more changeable, allowing for shifts or updates as priorities change.

The roadmap lists not just which tech solutions are available to teams right now, but also those which will be coming up in the future. Whether you are starting a business, launching a new product, or coordinating a cross-functional project, a roadmap will enable you to visualize your strategic plan and turn it into reality. It represents the output of your planning process and will serve as the main tool to communicate your initiative to stakeholders in a compelling manner. A roadmap is a tool that helps product managers visualize how they can achieve their goals. They then share this roadmap with investors, team members, and customers to better understand the plan.

The project’s success is measured by how well it fulfills the final objectives. The time factor can be adapted suitable for the particular situation. The time horizons for e-commerce and software related sectors are usually short. Check out this extensive article and pick the best suited for you. In this article, we’re going to give you the tools and knowledge you need to write clear, effective user stories. Technology Roadmapand discover for yourself exactly why airfocus is the platform-of-choice for countless tech professionals across the world.

Development roadmap

It describes what the organization must change, and why the changes are required, in order to achieve the strategic vision. At par with the web development team, https://globalcloudteam.com/ you set the next product roadmap template for the mobile team. The mobile and web teams should be able to synchronize and draw conclusions from each other.

What is happening in the external world has tremendous implications for any company’s technology strategy and implementation efforts. Ideally, the technology teams must have representation and voice in the development of business/corporate strategy. Given the criticality, creating an IT Strategy and building an IT Roadmap should be a focus area for every CIO and senior technology leadership.

Mind Maps

This intuitive tool helps you automatically generate clear, stylish roadmaps as PowerPoint slides that you can quickly update as often as necessary and share or present in meetings. Simply download your preferred model, input your project/product data, and enjoy a presentation-ready roadmap. Simple roadmap showing the trial phases and key milestones in a drug approval process. To better understand the role of a roadmap, let us review what this strategic tool is and is not. Make impressive multi-level timelines and roadmaps with the Pro+ add-in for PowerPoint.


Explore the roadmap templatespage to discover which one fits you best, then download and customize them as you like. Roadmaps have a flexible format for presenting strategic information, so there’s no industry standard we should follow. Alignment – clearly stating the vision and the objectives of a project, a roadmap aligns teams, portfolios, or areas of the same business. Business development roadmaps are mainly for the company’s operations. They outline the relation between company strategies, projects, and market needs.

Figure 5 shows the relationships between technology development phases, programme phases and milestones. Creating a technology roadmap requires certain knowledge and skills. Some of the participants must know the purpose of technology roadmapping. Next to this group-process and interpersonal skills are required since the process includes a lot of discussions and finding out what the common need is.

Features are the new or updated functionalities that teams make to the product. These features will add value to your product and give better results to your target audiences. Your theme is a broad strategic view of your product that your team must fulfill by the end of the product deadline.

Product Portfolio Strategy Roadmap

What are the initiatives and projects that each team is working on towards reaching the business goals? These are the elements you’ll define on your roadmap—the work you’re intending to commit to that you’ll present to your stakeholders. The visual aspect of roadmaps makes it easy to communicate outputs, timelines, projects and initiatives across an organization. Non-product teams have started to catch on to how they can use roadmaps to improve strategic communication and win executive buy-in for those plans.

If the number of participants is really large there might be need for a consultant or facilitator. In this step the common product needs are identified and are agreed on by all the participants. This is important to get the acceptance of all groups for the process.

Challenges of an IT Roadmap

The best kinds of roadmaps foster team collaboration and improve the quality of your presentations. Jira roadmap integration Connect your high-level strategy with daily planning by syncing your data between Roadmunk and Jira. Azure DevOps integration Easily synchronize work items and field data into a strategic roadmap. Roadmunk API Sync your roadmapping data with the tools your team uses to get work done.

Security Roadmunk takes security seriously so you can rest assured your data is safe. Templates Customers Plans & Pricing Learn & Support Guides & eBooks Read our In depth guides on all things planning, prioritizing and roadmapping. However, rather than being focused on the strategic goals of the organization, it more closely resembles your organizational structure. If you want to see what your network team, Applications, service delivery and other groups have planned at a glance, then the technology roadmap is what you are looking for. One of the broadest—and most universal—applications of this type of roadmap, however, is defining and documenting the administration of an organization’s internal IT system. An internal IT systems roadmap helps teams implement a clear plan of action and make smarter decisions about technology.