It’s not my fault the package was lost and now I’m waiting for an item I PAID for while they look into why the package never made it to my door. This company is totally incompetent and any rep I’ve talked to doesn’t even care about my issue. With the way I’ve been treated I’m not letting this go and I hope it saves people from going through the same thing I am. I’m never doing business again and I hope this gets resolved quickly.

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They thought that if they were to get thousands, maybe millions of people to hop on the bandwagon, they could make lots and lots of money from short-selling brokers, and that is what they did. Throughout GameStopped, viewers will not only get an overview of the events but also meet some of the real-life investors who lived it. Incidentally, these segments come just before and just after references to that movie. I had just gotten my replacement today from GameStop, didn’t get an email that it was coming. I started to boot the system up, get everything set up on there, tried to install a game via game disc, and it stopped around 450mb-500MB and wouldn’t go any further. I tried a different game disc to see if it could’ve just been a problem with the disc but it was spotless with no scratches.

Gamestop: Rise Of The Players

They won’t be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. Verified reviews are considered more trustworthy by fellow moviegoers. The first in-depth look at the GameStop cultural phenomenon and its impact on everyday investors. Hear from Mark Cuban, Jim Cramer, Dave Portnoy and Robinhood’s Vlad Tenev on this high-stakes saga. Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.

American citizens of various races, genders, ages and economic status have bonded over investing into the stock market. In this documentary, people from these different backgrounds were brought on to tell their story. It adds a lot of insight gamestopped review into the strange case of how GameStop suddenly became a hot stock-trading commodity. I purchased a pre-owned PS4 in June for my son’s birthday. Once he opened it we set it up and for about 4 days the unit would just shut down or restart.

gamestopped review

As I’m waiting the final five minutes I noticed the paper had a specific bundle on. I noticed most of the other people waiting weren’t happy about this either. She informed me that even though the package it still in the possession of your rotten company, it’s too late to cancel. I was given the choice to pay for faster delivery.

Hulu Review: gamestopped From Abc News Gives Entertaining And Insightful Recap Of gamestonk Saga

After a lot of pushing they finally agreed to replace the PS4 if he sent the broken one back. Within 4 months the replacement one has also broken. 2 broken consoles within 6 months is unacceptable and GameStop refused to help me saying it’s outside of their 30 day window. I spent over $300 on this and expect the console to work longer than 4 months.

  • Despite the density of the subject matter, which includes “rehypothecation” and “gamma squeezes”, the story is deftly told.
  • My coworkers were all very friendly and helpful.
  • Still, Mr Jakab’s knowledge of Wall Street shines in the historical context he provides and the industry aphorisms he relays (the retail investors who can lose out when hedge funds prosper are typecast as “a lot of dentists”).
  • Industry insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau has pointed out that Google has removed all of the negative reviews of Robinhood and has restored the 4.2 rating.
  • In the day and age of social media and need for money, everyone should be watching this right now.
  • GameStoppedalso includes interviews with some notable well-known people, including Mark Cuban, The Winklevoss Twins, Dave Portnoy, Jim Cramer and more.

This seems to be common practice for GameStop especially if you’re buying from their online store. After Robinhood announced restrictions on various stocks including GameStop , an influx of over 200,000 users review bombed its rating down to one star.Robinhood’s announcement did indeed have some effect on the GameStop stock. Where it reached a high of over $500 a share at one point, it started the day at around $290 on the news.

It is unclear to what extent any funds managed by UK-regulated managers have been materially impacted, let alone whether losses might reflect any failure of regulatory risk management requirements. However, fund managers deploying short selling strategies will need to ensure that their risk management processes for short trading are adequate to avoid exposure to losses of a magnitude that could put their viability in jeopardy. But as time went on they kind of started to feel outdated and even kind of tired when it came to their selection of products and games. It sounds kind of cynical, but at one point it feels as though they stuck around longer than they should have. But as of now, they’re still a thriving name and their online stores are filled with products that people from all over the world are willing to take a look at and purchase for outrageous prices. I mean c’mon, hundreds of dollars for collectible figures?

I lost touch with video games and my roots a few years back. Then, about a year ago now, my friend Keith gave me this hot tip that I should look at the stock again, and my position as a whole as a consumer. I cannot tell you how many positive experiences I have had in GameStop since. Most of them you would not believe anyway, but the customer service is clearly top priority. It’s the pandemic and a lot of people are at home, bored.


Unfortunately the FCA’s terse 29 Januarystatementon “recent share trading issues” gave little insight into how it viewed these events from a regulatory perspective. The FCA said only that buying shares in volatile markets is “risky“, and “unlikely to be covered” by the FSCS. That might sound a little melodramatic, but the reality is that the Gamestop squeeze made a lot of people sit back for a moment in wonder as they tried to figure out what was going on. To be honest, the documentary was a little amusing since it makes a lot of people feel good to know that those who have so much faith in the stock market and what they believe are hopeless cases can be unsettled now and again. It tends to make people think that those who have made their fortunes by being ruthless or at least shrewd don’t know everything about everything. But those that have their nose to the proverbial grindstone and are ready and willing to get things moving forward are usually those who end up surprising people.

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Why GameStop Is Falling on the Day It Splits Its Stock.

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I bought a nintendo switch online and never received . Dont ever buy from gamestop online because they sell defective products and take their time repaying you for their mistakes. GameStop has a consumer rating of 3.38 stars from 424 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with GameStop most frequently mention great place, trade ins and gift card.GameStop ranks 9th among Games sites. Filmmaker Tulis communicates like the online community he chronicles does, through gifs, memes, “Family Guy” clips and internet shorthand, using the terms and slang (“diamond hands,” “tendies”) his players do.

There is growing debate over how regulators can protect retail investors from fraud and excessive risk in the digital age without having a chilling effect on consumer access to genuinely innovative investment opportunities. Gamestop is a nice calm place, helping and teaching about inventory, organization, and register & money handling, and most important customer service. I mainly got it as a second job for extra money, but I started to enjoy working there as time went on. Overall, GameStoppedis another intriguing and well-presented special from ABC News. Across it’s 53-minute runtime, it does a nice job of sharing several angles of the story at hand while keeping things interesting with clips and other entertainment elements.

It was a very friendly and fun place to work at. My coworkers were all very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend working at Gamestop since it was a great experience for me. Working at Game stop was productive and a fun work place. The Times is committed to reviewing theatrical film releases during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hey, to each their own and all that, but the fact is that Gamestop’s surge forward is something that couldn’t have been anticipated since it wasn’t written in the sky for a lot of people. For many years, I have given GME gift cards to my very younger employees. Each time that I purchased these cards, I observed gifted salesmen, and women, offer some of the most superb customer service; I often wonder how I can inject these principles into those that I lead directly. I challenge any reader of this review to do an independent study, and prove me wrong. So I bought two games listed as new on GameStop website. One was Ys pact edition and the other was prinny presents NIS classics.

Never Doing Business With Gamestop Again!

The person that sold the video game to kid the receipts at Kyle. Gamestop should do something because this is getting ridiculous. How can this man sell this video game to this underage kid. It was about a group of small investors, led by the Reddit board WallStreetBets and guided by YouTube investment guru Keith Gill (aka “Roaring Kitty”), who think that the company could make a comeback and wanted to invest in that future. The filmmakers Zackary Canepari and Drea Cooper primarily build the story through their interviews, but they are savvy to match the film’s style to the hyper-online vernacular of their gain-obsessed subjects. Interviews are intercut with the memes that these cheery forum trolls shared when they believed they were in for a fortune.

Review: Talking

While trading frenzies are as old as the markets themselves, the novelty of widespread retail trading in obscure US stocks fueled by Reddit chat forums has prompted recent interventions by regulators on both sides of the Atlantic. I loved working here because I got to be informed about new games and was able to share my knowledge with the customers. Spending each day helping people and enjoying the company of a relaxed an effective crew. Would recommend this type of job to anybody who can contribute to a warm environment, otherwise you’d be taking from the charm of a capable and special store.

Anne Heche, ‘six Days Seven Nights’ Star, Dead At 53

A smaller emotional climax comes during the infamous Zoom hearing held by the House Financial Services committee on Feb. 17, 2021. Yes, it’s hilarious to see Keith Gill, the outrageous streaming personality known as Roaring Kitty sitting in his Game of Thrones gaming chair, or telling the august panel, “I am not a cat.” But it’s also a strikingly moral moment. While Plotkin, hedge fund titan Kenneth Griffin, and worst of all, Vladimir Tenev, the CEO of trading app Robinhood, dissemble in prepared statements and refuse to answer yes-or-no questions, Gill gives Rep. Maxine Waters direct answers. He plainly states a buy recommendation on GameStop, which sends the share price back up that day. In a nutshell, amateur investors watched stock numbers and bought shares of almost-failed companies .